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Mike Sinsiagalli, West Hartford
Keith Flood, West Haven

Sec. 29-251. (Formerly Sec. 19-395f). Codes and Standards Committee; duties; membership. There shall be within the Department of Public Safety a Codes and Standards Committee whose duty it shall be to work with the State Building Inspector in the enforcement of part Ia and the State Fire Marshal in the enforcement of part II of this chapter as set forth herein. The committee shall be composed of eighteen members, residents of the state, appointed by the Commissioner of Public Safety as follows: (1) Two members shall be architects licensed in the state of Connecticut; (2) three shall be professional engineers licensed in the state of Connecticut, two of whom shall practice either structural, mechanical or electrical engineering but in no event shall both of such members represent the same specialty and one of whom shall be a practicing fire protection engineer or mechanical engineer with extensive experience in fire protection; (3) two shall be builders or superintendents of construction, one of whom shall have expertise in residential construction and one of whom shall have expertise in nonresidential construction; (4) one shall be a public health official; (5) two shall be building officials; (6) two shall be local fire marshals; (7) one shall be a Connecticut member of a national building trades labor organization; (8) one shall have expertise in matters relating to energy efficiency; and (9) four shall be public members, one of whom shall have expertise in matters relating to accessibility and use of facilities by the physically disabled and who shall be selected from a list of names submitted by the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities. Each member, other than the public members, shall have had not less than ten years' practical experience in such member's profession or business. The committee shall adopt regulations in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54 governing the procedure of the committee. Members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings or fifty per cent of all meetings during a calendar year shall be deemed to have resigned. The committee may, within the limits of appropriations provided therefore, employ such assistants as may be necessary to conduct its business.