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CFMA current representatives;

Keith Flood, West Haven (Chair)

Anthony Fino, Stratford (Vice-Chair)

Walt Summers, South Windsor

Kevin Reynolds, New Milford

Kevin Kowalski, Simsbury

Tim Lunn, Uconn

Mike Brown, Simsbury

Sec. 29-291a. State Fire Prevention Code: Adoption and revision. Advisory committee. Official interpretation. (a) The State Fire Marshal, in coordination with the advisory committee established under subsection (b) of this section, shall adopt and administer a State Fire Prevention Code based on a nationally recognized fire prevention code. Said code shall be used to enhance the enforcement capabilities of local fire marshals and for the purposes of prevention of fire and other related emergencies. Said code shall be adopted not later than October 1, 2008, and shall be revised thereafter as deemed necessary to incorporate any subsequent revisions to the code not later than eighteen months following the date of first publication of such revisions.

(b) There is established an advisory committee consisting of nine persons appointed by the State Fire Marshal. The State Fire Marshal shall appoint two members selected from a list of individuals submitted by the Codes and Standards Committee from the membership of said committee and seven members representing local fire marshals, deputy fire marshals and fire inspectors selected from a list of individuals submitted by the Connecticut Fire Marshals Association.

(c) The State Fire Marshal may issue official interpretations of the State Fire Prevention Code, including interpretations of the applicability of any provision of the code, upon the request of any person. The State Fire Marshal shall compile and index each interpretation and shall publish such interpretations at periodic intervals not exceeding four months.